Water Kefir

Sparkling Probiotic Beverage


I felt inspired to bring Water Kefir to the market, to expand the range of probiotics and those precious microbes in our diet for healthy gut / healthy life.   I love our Kombucha and the Water Kefir complements it beautifully providing different strains of probiotics. I love the light fresh taste and all the fun flavours.

This range is really a beverage for people that want the probiotic, bacteria benefits but don't like the taste of Kombucha.

As always we use dark bottles to protect all the probiotics and bacteria from being destroyed by natural light.

The liquid is super pretty, so don't feel you can't pour it in a glass and show it off.

Light in taste - fun flavours

FULL of Probiotics, Prebiotics and healthy Bacteria.

But there remains one big questions we get asked a lot.  Read our Blog on Water Kefir to find out just what everyone wants to know.


Raspberry+ Hibiscus

I love the tartness of the Hibiscus mixed with the sweetness and slight acidity of the raspberry.  I don't really know what else to say but this is LUSH.

Did you know that Hibiscus is great for lowering your blood pressure.  My close friend from the Middle East tells me that the Bedouin used to drink these to bring their body temperature down.  I don't know if that's true, but I've noticed it myself.  Also great for antioxidants, which are known to help combat obesity and is a natural anti-depressant.  All good stuff in my book. 

Blueberry+ passionfruit

I loved asking for Grenadille drinks when I was younger because it sounded so exotic.  Later in life I realized Grenadille is Passionfruit.

Did you know that Passionfruit can help reduce blood pressure and improve circulation?  It provides a rich source of minerals that are important in helping to increase bone density. It's even been connected to reducing restlessness, insomnia and nervous anxiety - and I still feel it is exotic.

Mint, cucumber + LIME

This is Fresh - like a dip in the cold ocean on a hot summer's day.

Did you know that Cucumber is often recommended for healthier and brighter skin? Its high water content makes it naturally hydrating.

Cucumber has also been recommended for diabetes sufferers to help keep glucose levels in check.

See.....Fresh - the capital F is on purpose!

Ginger pear

Oh..... this is just fall, winter, spring and summer rolled into one.

Light refreshing Pear with the bite of Ginger.  It reminds me of Southern Spain with fresh tasting foods and a touch of African spice.

I love fresh Ginger for all its health benefits, from gut health to boosting immune systems. Did you know that Pears actually have similar health benefits to Ginger?

Pears are known to help with weight loss, are high in antioxidants, and boost your immunity. Pears are high in potassium which is known to be beneficial to heart health, and also Vitamin C.

Pears are Magic **** and so is this drink.

lemon ginger

Lemon Ginger - It's my go-to drink any day of the week. 

Did you know that Ginger is great for it's anti-inflammatory qualities? It can help with joint problems, dyspepsia, indigestion and has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol.

This drink is full of alkaline crystals which can help stabilse the pH in your body. Healthy pH is important for your long term wellbeing.

Healthy heart - Healthy life - Happy life.