WHAT is kombucha ?

KOMBUCHA is fermented tea tea that has been consumed for over two millennia.  Fermenting Raw Cane Sugar (The Good stuff) with Organic Teas (the hard to find stuff) to produce an ever-so slightly acidic-tasting, carbonated tea beverage.


Our SCOBY (Syncronized Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) has been dated for over 2,000 years old.

It is argued over whether it's ORIGIN is Russia or China - personally I let the 2 giant communist countries argue over it's origin, but it does originate from out East.

I love the story of origin from an ancient Emperor of China (Kombu) being given an ailment of Tea (Cha) that cured his sickness. But who doesn't love a story of ailment, and in my mind maybe a mystical flying white dog (Labyrinth style) with David Bowie singing in the background.

Either way - like Bowie - It's good for you.


Is this Craft - Is it Local ?

Great Key words for this decade - and in simple Yes

We are Craft:

We have been in this Tea industry across several generations and have learned which Tea's to bring in, dependant on the season and the flush.  We even know which farms to use in different seasons.

Personally, I hate anything that is not Organic - seriously all of those chemicals sprayed on your Tea and then you drink them (you can't wash Tea-without making Tea).  And we all know if it's NOT CERTIFIED - IT'S NOT ORGANIC!!!

We use Premium Organic Teas and herbs and brew them at the right temperature for the longest possible time to ensure the best taste of Tea in our batches.

We do use Juices, but only organic puree sourced directly from fruit bringing the health benefits that derives from those cold pressed juices.  Including Passionfruit, rich in source minerals helping to increase bone density, reduce blood pressure and increase bone density or Pears that are known to help with weight loss, high in antioxidants and boost your immunity.  Bacteria from whole fruits is vital building your Microbiome and we cold press as much of that goodness as possible.

Are We Local ?

Yes we are local as we can be.  We hire local in all areas across Canada and the US.  We were actually birthed in a small community on the Sunshine Coast in BC Canada.  We actively get involved in all of our communities and have a strong belief that "support local" means giving back to the community.  

Community is so important to a Happy Life.  We recommend getting involved with your local community in areas of your passion.  Sports, Reading, Arts, Reading really choose a passion - make some friends - debate through the night, have arguments and a hug at the end of the night.  Friendship with differences is so, so important to our life as human beings.  LOVE the DIFFERENCES - LOVE the PERSONALITY.


Why is Raw Important ?


RAW is difficult.  Really, if I'm going to distribute this across any State or Province it would be easier to me to Pasteurize the sucker and send it out knowing that there would be no change in taste or carbonation.  I wouldn't have to work out how long this will be out of the fridge before you open the bottle.

 BUT - I just could NOT do that.  It makes my very soul "irk" - I hate the notion.  

Raw means that it is alive.  It means that if it get's back to room temperature it continues to ferment.

IT Will create more carbonation;

IT Will develop a stronger taste;

IT Will grow a SCOBY in the bottle.

All of these are signs of a healthy fermented raw product.

The Question should be:


What's so special about RAW ?

With Raw Kombucha or Water Kefir you are ensuring that you get the Beneficial bacteria and yeasts as well as the probiotics that Kombucha is famed for are alive.  They continue to grow and you are actually getting the health benefits from your consumption - rather than just an expensive ice tea.


WHAT Bacteria and Probiotics are in your Kombucha?

Acetobacter; Glucanoacetobacter; Saccharomyces; Brettanomyces; Lactobacillus; Pediococcus; S Bouliadii; Gluconacetobacter; Zygosaccharomyces; 


What Bacteria and Probiotics are in your Water Kefir ?

Species Lactobacillus: L. brevis; L. casei; L. hilgardii; L. hordei; L. nagelii; Species Leuconostoc: L. citreum; L. mesenteroide; Species Acetobacter: A. fabarum; A. orientalis; Species Streptococcus: S. lactis; YEASTS: Hanseniaospora valbyensis; Lachancea fermentati; Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Zygotorulaspora florenti

Yeah so a lot more options for Bacteria and probiotics than in your Kombucha.  Sometimes a wider variety is more important than a lot of one thing.


Organic Acids ?

Both contain a health amount of organic acids such as acetic acid, lactic acid, propionic acid, glucuronic acid and gluconic acid. These organic acids are known to improve bioavailability of vitamins, prevent accumulation of heavy metals and insoluble oxalates, inhibit pathogenic bacteria, support joint health and modulate immunity.


Is there Caffeine: ?

Kombucha - Yes, but less than 15mg in an entire bottle (500ml). Most of the caffeine is consumed during the fermentation process, releasing iron and the active cultures in the Kombucha.

Water Kefir - No.  There is no caffeine in Water Kefir.


Are you Non-GMO, Vegan etc. ?

Well why wouldn't you be?

We are certified USDA Organic, which means that they test every ingredients to ensure that it is non-GMO, part of the US verification process.  We are also certified organic for Europe and Japan.

So, when we display our USDA Organic certificate, it's not just about saying we are organic in the US, it's also saying we are Non-GMO as well.







I heard there maybe alcohol in Kombucha or Water Kefir ?

So, the question is, which cocktail are you making?

The reality is, there is not enough alcohol in any bottle to be classified as alcohol.  So that is 0.5% or less.

We're talking the equivalent of Orange Juice - without the side effects of Gout.